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Chen Junqiang
+86 13857971909
43359A 43359B 43360 3F District 4 - International Trade Market
YiWu Xinli Shoes
Main Products: beachshoes,slippers,sandals,EVA beach shoes,PU sandals
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Package female Chen
+86 13017884281
24004 2F District 3 - International Trade Market
Shanghai Shuxing Culture Co., LTD
Our shop specializes in all kinds of sticky notes. Post-it note. Notebook., product quality, novel style, affordable price, quantity from the superior, welcome new and old customers to buy direct manufacturers, integrity guarantee, quality and cheap
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Huang Yingling
+86 13566973559
35820 2F District 4 - International Trade Market
Yutu Technology Co., Ltd
Main Products: Home technology, alloy technology ornaments, ,Yongdong instrument, sand painting funnel, ,Newton pendulum ball, various architectural techno
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+86 13566973367
16024 3F District 2 - International Trade Market
Yiwu Jiahe hardware tableware
Main Products: canju
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Zheng Yusong
+86 13957925162
70551 70567 5F District 5 - International Trade Market
Main Products: 日用百货,创意礼品,马克杯
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Xia Zhiwen
+86 13989449355
18423 3F District 2 - International Trade Market
Yiwu Shengshuai Electronic Technology Co. LTD
Main Products: Charger,data line,headset,Bluetooth headset,Bluetooth Speaker
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